1) Does my child need a diagnosis to access services through PromOTe Occupational Therapy?

No, your child does not need a diagnosis to attend sessions at PromOTe Occupational Therapy.

2) Does my child need a referral?

No, your child does not need a referral. Parents can self refer to PromOTe OT. To be eligible for some sources of funding, a referral from you GP or paediatrician is required. Please see our rebates /funding under schedule of fees tab for more details. You can download our referral form under the contact us page.

3) If my child has already had an OT assessment, will they need to undergo an additional assessment or they can attend a therapy session?

We generally discuss this on a case by case basis. For some clients, we may be able to commence therapy sessions depending on your child’s progress and your concerns. And for other clients, we might do some assessments as needed.

4) How long treatment will last?

Treatment continues until the child’s therapy goals are met and everyone involved is happy with their progress.